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XINJIANG 2023/24

A Magical Place Where Meadows. Snowy Peaks, Deserts, and Lakes All Meet Together.

Please note that this itinerary is provided for reference purposes. Please contact us for more routes.



Flexible Travel

  • Solo travel, Private tours or joining a group of up to six people - your choice.

  • Personlized itinerary, personal travel planner crafting unique Off-the-Beaten-Path experiences in Xinjiang.


Xinjiang Travel Expert

  • Local Xinjiang travel operator, specializing on Xinjiang exploration.

  • The travel operator  has prior experience in coordinating travel show filming.


Comfortable & Safe

  • Free airport transfers before and after your Xinjiang trip.

  • Convenience of our business-class vehicles with experienced drivers.

  • 24h helpline. 


Best Value of Money

  • Collaborations with 80% of Xinjiang's hotels for competitive pricing advantage.

Vehicle Arrangement

Vehicle Interior
Vehicle Interior
Vehicle Interior
Vehicle Interior
Vehicle Outside

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