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Payment Process

Upon reaching an agreement, we will ask you to pay for the service fee (£75 or £100 per person) for our Tailored Travel Services. After successful payment, we will begin creating your personalized travel plan in detail, including hotel selections, local activities, attraction tickets, and domestic transportation within China. Throughout this process, we will maintain close communication with you to optimize your itinerary and expenses according to your preferences without limitations. Finally, we will present a final quotation and itinerary for your confirmation. Once confirmed, you can proceed with the payment, and I will proceed to book all the necessary components of your trip.


Please note: 

  1. The quotation I provide is based on the current prices. If payment is not made promptly after receiving the quotation, there is a possibility that the travel costs may change.

  2. Booking in advance results in lower prices.

  3. Certain products such as tickets and hotels may run out quickly, so I recommend making your payment early.

I will present you with Tour Packages and available itineraries, with adjustments made to details as per your requirements. Upon reaching an agreement, you can proceed to make the full payment.


Please note: 

  1. This fee covers your expenses for the guided tour in Xinjiang or Tibet. 

  2. If you wish to have a self-guided tour in other destinations, you can opt for our Tailored Travel Service.

Return and Cancel Policy

Cancellation after payment does not result in a refund of the service fee. Any cancellation at this stage incurs time and resource costs from all parties involved. While I will try to cancel hotel bookings and tickets, full refunds may not be guaranteed due to timing and hotel policies.

Refunds are not guaranteed and depend on your cancellation timing and the specific tour. Typically, canceling the trip 30-40 days before the itinerary can yield full or 90% refunds.

As your travel advisor, I will exert effort to secure your interests and negotiate the highest possible refunds from various parties involved.

Payment Methods

  1. Credit/Debit Cards: We accept payments based on the exchange rate applicable on the day of payment. A 5% transaction fee will be applied to the total price.

  2. Alipay: If you have Alipay, we strongly recommend using it as you can pay directly in CNY. A 2% transaction fee will be applied to the total price.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we aim to make your payment process as smooth as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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