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Discover China Like A Local With Our Tailored Services 

Experience a trip that offers flexibility, peace of mind, and unforgettable moments.

NI HAO! China is re-open for tourists!

China reopens for all kinds of visas, including tourist visas (L Visa), from March 15th, 2023. 



Tailored Travel Services

Discover China by yourself with our hassle-free travel services and 100% customized itinerary building.


Tour Packages For Xinjiang & Tibet

Experience the adventure of a lifetime in remote regions with our Bespoke tours.

Our services can achieve the most cost-effective China travel experience. As a professional travel consultant, I have access to a wide network of resources, connections, and partnerships with hotels, tour companies, and travel partners across China. All the resources are carefully curated by me, to ensure you have the best experience possible.




Hassle-free Support

Fast response and 24/7 support, powered by real travel experts who are knowledgeable about China inbound travel. English, Chinese, Polish and German spoken.


 Save Time and Money

Drawing upon our first-hand experience and local resources, we provide you with personalized support tailored to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring the best value for your money.


100% Tailored Services

We listen to your dreams and take into account your preferences. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter tours and hello to a travel adventure that is exclusively yours.



Solo Traveller

Group Explorers

Work and Travel Nomads

Hear What Our Adventurers Have to Say

I can't express how thrilled I am with my trip to China. It has truly been an unforgettable two weeks of my life. Ning and Albert have been incredibly thoughtful in their planning, and I absolutely adore the itinerary they crafted for me. I got to visit all the iconic landmarks, but also immersed myself in authentic local activities and indulged in delicious local cuisine. The whole experience was a perfect blend of adventure and cultural immersion. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a remarkable journey in China.

                                                                                              - - Peter

Take the first step towards your China Trip

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