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The Great Wall China travel

​About Us

Hi, I'm Ning, a native of China, currently living in London. With a passion for self-guided travel, I've explored China extensively – solo, with friends, and family. However, with Albert, I gained a whole new perspective on China. As a non-Chinese citizen and someone who doesn't speak the language, navigating tasks like Visa applications, payments, ticket bookings, hotel reservations, and restaurant bookings can be challenging.


Now, with Albert by my side, we offer unique perspectives to support your upcoming China inbound travel. As a Chinese travel expert based in the UK, I am fluent in both Chinese and English and well-versed in the travel and entry rules of both regions. I have an in-depth knowledge of China's hidden gems and can design unforgettable journeys that delve deep into the country's culture and wonders. Feedback from others: China cuisine expert, great fun, and highly reliable.


With our expertise and support, we'll ensure your trip is hassle-free, unforgettable, and thoroughly enjoyable.

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